Justice and Accountability Must  Be Realized in Sri Lanka

Dismay on delayed Report tempered by promises for stronger outcome- says USTPAC

WASHINGTON (February 20 2015)  On 16 February, the Human Rights Council followed recommendation of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to postpone the release of the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) until September. While this decision is a great disappointment to many victims and survivors in the Tamil community who have waited six long years for truth-telling and accountability, USTPAC continues its work to steadfastly chart a clear path to justice.

“USTPAC appreciates High Commissioner Zeid’s “absolute and unshakable commitment” to the OISL report’s publication in September,” said Dr. Karunyan Arulanantham, President of US Tamil Political Action Council. “We also take note of the Government of Sri Lanka’s stated commitments, made in conjunction with the announcement of the delayed release, and urge the international community to vigilantly ensure that these commitments are fully honored and translated into measurable metrics.”

USTPAC also stresses that numerous well-known steps towards true comprehensive justice were excluded from the Government’s commitments. These include the full demilitarization of the North, the return of all Tamil lands to their rightful owners, the release of detainees who have not been charged, repeal of Sri Lanka’s Prevention of Terrorism Act, and progress on a political settlement. A glaring omission from the government’s listed commitments was a stated pledge to fully cooperate with the OHCHR investigation.more »»

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 Working with many organizations at UNHRC, and helped pass resolution calling for justice, equity, accountability and reconciliation and assuring Sri Lanka stays on international agenda.

 54 co-sponsors on US House Resolution 177 – calling for an independent international investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity & a new US policy.

Senate Resolution 84 – passed unanimously calling for international investigation.

5 or more One Minute Speeches on Tamil issues in Congress 2010, 2011, 2012.